Young Influencer Yash Gupta motivates us in multiple ways

Is working on a designation really important these days? Actually No. There is a person here to motivate us in multiple ways and that’s Yash Gupta, an influencer who also helps his Father, Mr. Rajeev Gupta who has molded his son in all ways and that indeed has helped him to stand out from others. The biggest inspiration in his life is his father as he has got to learn a lot from him.

Mr. Yash Gupta is a BBA student from Amity University in Noida. He is very hardworking and follows one rule in his which is influencing and that’s “To work like dogs and party like kings”.He has proven this statement in his life and is inspiring people especially who are of his age.

Mr.Yash is helping his father who is a businessman and owner of Fortune-500 company in India. The inputs he gives to his father is in the form of ideas and suggestions which he has gained from his Business and Administration studies. He is very active on Instagram and his Instagram handle will give us a sneak peek of what he loves to do.

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