Young Sheldon Season 4 Episode 1 Reveals Major ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Easter Egg and Surprise Cameo (Watch SPOILER Video)

Sreeju Sudhakaran
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The new season of the comedy series, Young Sheldon, has begun streaming on CBS for American audience and on Amazon Prime Video for the Indian fans. As you are aware, the show is a prequel/spinoff series of the cult sitcom The Big Bang Theory that concluded its run in 2019. Based on the character of Sheldon Cooper, played by Iain Armitage in the current run, Young Sheldon focuses on the quirky genius' teenage years in Pasadena, and the troubles the rest of his family have to go through to catch up with his eccentricities. And you thought Leonard Hofstadter had it bad! But more on him later. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Young Sheldon: HBO Max Acquires Streaming Rights For The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off Series.

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The elder 'Sheldon' - Jim Parsons - continues to do voice-narration for the fourth season as well. The first episode is about Sheldon graduating early to college, and being chosen as valedictorian for the graduation ceremony. While he was eager to leave for college, Sheldon later realises that this also means that he cannot depend on his parents for everything, and Change is something he is always scared of.

Surprisingly, Sheldon gets his emotional strength from his sparring twin sister Missy (Raegan Revord), who herself is graduating to high school and has her own worries about this change. This leads to a lovely sibling moment, when Sheldon addresses Missy during his valedictorian speech and calls her his strength. Jim Parsons Finally Reveals Why He Decided To Quit The Big Bang Theory.

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The final scene has the Coopers hold a graduation party for both Sheldon and Missy, which the adult Sheldon says, was the best graduation party he ever had ever been to. And here's where he drops a major surprise on The Big Bang Theory fans. He claims that the other best party he had was during the graduation of his son, 'Leonard Cooper'! Yup, Sheldon did name his son after his best friend and former flatmate. And you thought he wasn't the caring kind!

Watch the Video below:

Surprises doesn't end there. Sheldon then goes on to narrate that he wanted to name his son Leonard "Nimoy" Cooper, after his favourite Star Trek character. Which makes us wonder, did he really name his son after his friend or the Star Trek hero?

Leonard and Sheldon in an episode from The Big Bang Theory

Anyway, he reveals that his more sensible wife Amy (Mayim Bialik) played spoilsport, turning down his idea.And here, to our utter amazement, Amy interjects in his narrations with Bialik making her voice cameo debut in the show. We hear her irritated voice telling him, "Be happy I let him name 'Leonard'!", to which Sheldon meekly says, "Ok." A little pause later, and then Amy is heard saying "Love You" in a brighter tone, to which Sheldon reciprocates with a similar warmth.

Sheldon and Amy in an episode from The Big Bang Theory

Even though it was a cameo, we are pretty excited to hear Mayim Bialik's voice in the episode. Though, this is not the first time Amy's character made her presence felt in Young Sheldon. A younger version of the character also appeared in the famous montage of all major TBBT characters in the finale of Young Sheldon season 2. The adult Sheldon also makes occasional passing references to his better half, including the happy moment when they had their kid together. The Big Bang Theory Finale Review: 10 Moments of Sheldon Cooper and Gang That Gave the Popular Sitcom Such a Lovely Conclusion!

Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny, had also made a voice cameo in an earlier episode, though she had voiced a swimming pool in nightmare that Sheldon had. Which makes us wonder - when are Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Rauch going to make their special cameos?