Youngsters see relationships in a different way: Milind Soman

Model, actor and fitness icon Milind Soman is the founder of Pinkathon, which organises women’s run to encourage and promote fitness and health among women as well as create awareness for Breast Cancer and other issues relating to women’s health. During a launch of this year’s marathon, which is happening on December 13, in an exclusive conversation he speaks about his initiative, fitness, and relationship.

Talking about associating with this run and challenges he faced over the years, Milind says, “ People do not want to be associated with it and they don’t want to talk about breast cancer. Of course, everybody knows it is important when you asked them one on one they say yes it is important and people should do something but when it comes to actual support, you can see their reluctance. I think those walls need to be broken down. We are doing this event and there is a different way , people look at it. They think it is not serious it is just a running event where women are running. But slowly numbers are increasing like this year and in the last eight years, more than a quarter-million women are running, which they were never doing. It is not just about running but it is about self-belief, understanding your strength, your capabilities and what you can do. It is about so many things, how you can be a better person and live your life. As a society, we are beginning to understand things better now. In fact, I can say we have seen so much change in the last ten years all over the world not only in India, people are beginning to understand what life really means. Today it is not just about education, doing your job and getting married, having children. Now it is becoming much deeper than that which is wonderful. Today we are caring more for each other , even though it is happening on the other side of the world. It is a good change .

People say this generation doesn’t care for each other... “ I don’t think they( youngsters) don’t value relationship, it is just that they see relationships in a different way. There is no right or wrong way for anything. Because we are constantly learning and understanding what it really means. The new generation has a different way of looking at things due to the kind of influences, exposure, inspiration they have. So I would not judge them and say they don’t value relationships the way we do. It is just that their way is different than ours and I think we should respect that.”

There is always a myth that if you are fit, nothing can happen to you, what do you have to say to this? “A person, who is fit can be unhealthy, like a person with cancer can run a marathon, there is no problem. But that doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. Health is different and fitness is different. Some of the topmost world champions are not healthy because their immune system goes for a toss as they have to work so hard. We don’t want to be in that position, we should do enough to keep us healthy. To me fitness doesn’t mean running fast, lifting weights. Fitness means how do you deal with life , if you deal positively then it means you are fit. Whatever life you have chosen and you are positive about it, it determines how to fit you are however it doesn’t mean we can’t fall sick we can fall sick but if you are fit then you can fight that disease well. Even mentally if you have a difficult situation, it will have a limited impact on you if you are fit.

What do you think about kids blindly following the random diet or fitness of their icons? He says, “ There is no harm in the following someone but when you do that you still have to find your own path. You cannot follow somebody blindly. It is the most important thing to find your own path. You have to be patient. When we look at all these people and think that change is going to happen quickly, it won’t happen. If it does then it can change back quickly. If the change takes time then it will stay for a long time. We have to follow things that are sustainable.”

Speaking about his acting career, Milind says, “I did Four More Shots and the second season of this show is coming now. I am doing the Supermodel of the year. I am not doing any fiction shows. There are a lot of things which I consider but it has to be something which excites me. It is not just about money and I was never interested in fame. It has to be fun , then I will do it. I don’ think about whether it will be successful or how many people will watch it. If I like people I am working with then I say yes. I have got some web series, there are so many things happening.”

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