Coronavirus: Is 'leave without pay' fair? Tell us

Facing low travel demand due to travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, no-frills carrier GoAir Ltd has asked a section of its employees to go on short-term ‘leave without pay’.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, companies are declaring work from home option for employees, albeit with salaries being paid out as usual. However, this option cannot be extended to some jobs, especially in the unorganised sector, such as that of a domestic help, for instance.

In such circumstances, have you given the option of taking leave from household chores to your house help? After all they are also susceptible to the virus. And, if so, are you willing to pay them their salaries nonetheless? Or do you think they should also go on leave without pay, which is their only source of income, even for medication?

Do you think it is fair to ask workers in any sector to go on leave without pay during these trying times?

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