Your view: How can we stop/discourage incidents like 'bois locker room'?

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The extremely disturbing incident of an Instagram group named ‘bois locker room’, where teenage boys from prominent South Delhi schools allegedly shared photos of girls and engaged in sexually explicit conversation, including threats of sexual violence and ‘gang rape’, has opened up a can of worms. This incident has come to light within a couple of months of a similar incident where schoolboys at a posh Mumbai school indulged in talking about raping classmates in a horrific WhatsApp chat.

Two pertinent questions arise from incidents of this nature. Where does the misogynistic and aggressive behaviour find its roots and make its way onto social media groups? And two, how do we stop or discourage such incidents that reflect the prevalence of ‘rape culture’ in society and safeguard our children on various platforms and in different areas of life?

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