Your view: Should online education be allowed for a few hours in a day?

Karnataka Education Minister S Suresh Kumar has come down hard on educational institutions and directed that that no online classes will be conducted up to Grade 5. Despite the directive, private schools affiliated to CBSC and ICSE are continuing with online classes .

When questioned, the management said they had not yet got the government orders.They also said they were following Central Government guidelines issued in May to continue with online classes. Concerned parents said that schools were forcing them to pay the fees at the earliest and also purchase books as online classes had started.

Two scenarios arise from this. On the one hand, parents are grappling with innovative ways to keep children occupied and engaged during these tough times, so the idea of online education at the expensive of paying school fees is welcome by many. On the other hand, some parents find online education unhealthy and a strain on the children and themselves, especially working parents.

Given the current circumstance wherein the pandemic continues to grip the world, and lockdowns’, wearing masks, working from home and virtual lives are the new normal, with no sign of school reopening soon, do you think online classes should be allowed for a few hours in the day, or should there be restrictions on it?

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