YouTube channel adds 'sindoor' to Anushka's pictures; Netizens furious

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YouTube channel adds
YouTube channel adds

21 Nov 2020: YouTube channel adds 'sindoor' to Anushka's pictures; Netizens furious

A YouTube channel has come under fire for adding "sindoor" to actor Anushka Sharma's pictures.

Sindoor is a vermilion traditionally worn by women of Hindu religion across India as a sign of their married life.

The said picture was originally posted by Anushka herself on the occasion of Diwali.

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Details: Twitter users 'shocked' and 'furious' over edited pictures

Soon after the YouTube channel, named Universal In Sights, shared the edited pictures, social media users expressed anger toward it.

The move was termed "sexist" and "misogynist" by many on Twitter.

One user wrote, "It is literally about her choice. If she wanted sindoor she would have applied it herself. Why did they have to add it to the pictures?"

Fact: Picture originally posted by Anushka, sans 'sindoor'

The picture in question was first uploaded by Anushka on Instagram. She wrote, "Got all dressed up to sit at home and eat. And it was great. Hope you all had a beautiful Diwali." Anushka is expecting her first child with husband, cricketer Virat Kohli.

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Controversy: Earlier, Guwahati HC's order on sindoor's use triggered debate

Earlier this year, the Guwahati High Court, while hearing a matrimonial appeal, had said that married women who do not wear sindoor are unwilling to accept their marriage.

The court's statement had triggered a debate on social media at that time.

While many said that vermilion is a symbol of patriarchal control, others said that the choice should be left with the woman.

History: Anushka is often targeted by trolls

On a related note, Anushka has been a target of trolls ever since she started dating her now-husband Virat.

She has been trolled time and again on occasions where she showed up at cricket matches and Kohli failed to play well.

Recently, former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar had dragged Anushka while criticizing Kohli's performance. The actor then reacted to it, calling his comment "distasteful."

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