YouTuber Manoj Dey Aka Manoj Modak Emerges as an Inspiration For Many as in Inspiration to Many in His Home State Jharkhand

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Manoj Dey (Manoj Modak) is a known face in Jharkhand city Dhanbad who is known to have 1.6 M subscribers for his YouTube channel. He is a YouTuber and Vlogger based in Dhanbad. With his popularity on the web, he has emerged as an influencer in the blogger and Youtuber community thus becoming an inspiration for many of the youth in his home state. Born as Manoj Modak, and brought up in the said city, he always had the dream to do something different and interesting in his life. He has an interesting and inspiring story from being no one to a known man.

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His place is more known with an inclination towards getting government jobs by trying various competitive exams, but he always thought to tread a different path for his earning. As social media platforms started gaining popularity he was quick to learn about them and started making videos and uploading on YouTube. It started in 2016 when he made his YouTube channel making videos sitting on any stairs as had his own home. Soon his videos went viral on the web and today he has more than 1.6 Million subscribers. Many of his videos went viral allowing him to earn good money from YouTube. His YouTube Channels and Manoj Dey Vlogs.

Most of his videos have gained millions of views that makes him an expert in YouTube. Most of his videos are based on topics like earning from youtube, and how to stuff along with some generic ones like the Dhoni’s home in Ranchi, about PUBG, his home, first car and so on. Today, he has carved his niche hard in earning popularity through YouTube. This has made him emerge as an inspiration for many youths of his age who come to him learning the art of making money through their videos. He has more big plans in the pipeline, you just wait and watch his ventures in the coming times.

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