Yuvika Chaudhary Shares Her Scary Travel Experience Amidst Corona Outbreak- EXCLUSIVE

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Even though we are moving towards a normal life after lockdown and restrictions of pandemic, things have not turned normal. Coronavirus has not left us yet and the number of people testing positive for the virus have been increasing day by day.

The ongoing crisis has definitely left all of us scared and actress Yuvika Chaudhary is of the same opinion. Yuvika, who is in Agra today for an event, shares her travelling experience with us and calls out to the people who are behaving irresponsible in flights and air buses which has made her feel scared about contracting the virus.

Talking to SpotboyE.com exclusively, Yuvika Chaudhary said, "So, this morning, I left for Agra and it was a connecting flight which took around 7 hours for me to reach there. After reaching my destination I am already feeling scared to go for my next test considering so many people were around me. Because of COVID-19, passangers are being called two hours early to the airport so that they can go through all the checks maintaning social distancing but what about the flight? At the airport arrangements for the social distancing is made for the que but as soon as you enter the flight nobody is bothered wearing the sheild or mask on their faces. I was sitting in the very first row and there also people were not following the basic rules."


She went on revealing, "When I entered into the air bus it was again completely packed and people are standing in your close proximity. This has actually left me scared to go for my next test. As I am feeling kahin positive na aa jaaye. I really hope that people understand the situation and behave responsible."

Yuvika along with her husband Prince Narula had contracted Coronavirus in September last year. Their immunity levels dropped during COVID-19 which made them susceptible to other infections and led to the onset of dengue. The couple isolated themselves for 21 days and then twice tested to make sure that they are negative before going out- but then, dengue struck and they had to get hospitalised in Chandigarh. While Prince recovered in a weeks time Yuvika had to suffer a lot and was in hospital for the longest time getting herself treated.

Image Source: Instagram/yuvikachaudhary

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