Zack Snyder's suicide prevention cause rings in milestone, reaches $500,000

Shubham Dasgupta
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Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder

24 Dec 2020: Zack Snyder's suicide prevention cause rings in milestone, reaches $500,000

DC fans have shown they can stand by their favorite franchise even in matters outside celluloid.

The fan community of Zack Snyder had started a charity campaign for raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, which has now reached a solid target.

The overwhelmed director took to Twitter to highlight how "powerful" this movement is and to thank "all of your fundraising efforts."

Fundraiser details: Many fundraisers regarding suicide prevention were active surrounding 'Snyder Cut'

Many fundraisers, done in association with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, regarding the series and suicide prevention have been active since months in honor of Snyder's daughter, Autumn.

The mini-series, titled Snyder Cut, is finally releasing in March next year.

After reaching the much-awaited goal of $500,000, Snyder thanked the ardent supporters of the Director's Cut of Justice League.

Gratitude: 'This movement is so powerful. Thank you all'

Tweeting the good news, the director wrote, "This movement is so powerful. Thank you for all of your amazing fundraising efforts to support #afsp."

His post also included a combined logo of Justice League and the foundation concerned.

The post has since received 2.9K Retweets and over 16.4K Likes by fans who appreciate making a difference to the world.

Fact: Through this tweet, Snyder acknowledged the strength of the movement

Context: Fundraiser started for Snyder's daughter who had died by suicide

Snyder's daughter Autumn died by suicide at the age of 20 in 2017, forcing the director to quit working on his Justice League film that year and focus on taking care of his family.

His wife, Deborah Snyder, the film's producer also took a break for the same.

That's when The Avengers director Joss Whedon stepped in, but his version was panned by all.

Development: Last month, the director showed Darkseid's new form for charity

Last month, the 54-year-old Man of Steel director had teased the new look of Darkseid on a T-shirt and offered it on charity.

He had tweeted the image urging his followers to keep contributing to the suicide prevention cause to "help us reach a half-million dollars!"

Done by artist Alex Pardee, it showed the fictional supervillain in all his might and fury.