Zafat - The rockstar is coming to India to electrify the music lovers

People who really know what music is they can understand better what it feels when a renowned musician performs in an event.

Nasser Mohamed aka zafat the popular musician, DJ and artist from Qatar is coming to Mumbai, India soon to put the stage on fire by his magnificent performance. Since 2010 he was into artistic niche and is now one of the most popular Musician of the era .He has done a lot of events and came out as a successful musician and DJ in Qatar, middle east Arabia. With a huge fan following he has already set a good bench mark in his niche.

Now he'll be collaborating with an Indian musician whose name is still not disclosed, guess it's a surprise but never the less they both will be performing together in the great event in Mumbai. It's going to be an electrifying evening for his fans in India. It's also to note that he will be featuring in one the music video in Bollywood, that's really a good news for his fans.

Thus, waiting for the most energetic beautiful, memorable and electrifying evening of the year.