Zain Imam, Shama Sikander, Shakti Arora tell you how to recover from a bad KISS

Urmimala Banerjee
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Zain Imam, Shama Sikander, Shakti Arora tell you how to recover from a bad KISS

Here is some genuine advice

Well, today it is Kiss Day and many of us would agree that not many get their liplock perfect at the first attempt. From something as disgusting as bad breath to the kiss landing up at the wrong spot (just below the nostrils) can happen. Or it can be that the person is just not interested and is busy kissing away without a second thought. Of course, there are tutorials as well as lot of info online to get it right but as they say, it is easier read than done. Well, a bad kiss can be a real put off. Bollywood Life spoke to a few TV personalities on how to recover from a bad kiss and what to remember on their first/second attempt. Read on….

Shakti Arora
The best way to recover is to have a chocolate or drink something that will atleast calm your brain and help it get over the disaster that just happened.  Before going for the second attempt (in case you want to!), give your partner a mint. If the experience is still bad, you need to stop completely. The best advice would be to change your partner as soon as possible.


Shama Sikander
The best way to recover from a bad kiss is to simply forget about it. I have not really had any moments as such that I can remember, so I clearly forgot about


Zain Imam
I have never been part of a bad kiss so never had to recover. A word of advice is to keep your first kiss really short. It really works. Also, keep a mint handy if you plan to smooch someone.


Varun Kapoor
The only way to recover from the nightmare of a bad kiss is to do it over and over again till you are good at it. Please do it better the next time round so that you get over the disappointment of the first one.


Pearl V Puri
If you have kissed awkwardly or been the receiver of a sloppy one, do not dwell on it or make the other person uncomfortable. Crack a joke and lighten up the mood. On the next date, do not stress much on the kiss bit. Come to PVP coaching classes (wink) or watch online tutorials and go. Whatever you feel works best for you.


Namik Paul
I would say an awkward kiss is best avoided. And aaj Mahashivratri hai you want me to talk about such things (laughs).


Vijayendra Kumeria
I would say please have good oral hygiene at all times. If you are unsure about your skills, then take it slowly. Do not make it a goal on a date that you have to have to lock lips. It should happen naturally. Please avoid online tutorials as it will create unnecessary performance anxiety. But it is a matter of practice so people have to try on numerous times before they achieve perfection.


We are sure their words of wisdom have cheered you up if you are someone who failed badly in the first chance. If your partner genuinely loves you, he or she will not mind a few mistakes. Stay tuned to BL for more scoop and updates…