Zaina Gohou on travel during COVID19

Tapasvi Vibhute
·2-min read

With the second wave of global disease,
Coronavirus approaching, many people are starting to feel the same tension they experienced during the first round of lockdowns. But Zaina Gohou reflects on the decision she has made since the opening of the pandemic.

Last winter, before lockdown, the fashion and the technology entrepreneur was in New York deciding future travel accommodation. As soon as the tension of pandemic reach the city, Zaina somewhat booked a one-way ticket to Germany.

Gohou has chosen a life of passion and creativity. Due to her many jobs, she is used to continues to travel. Despite some problems adjusting to the new normal during the starting of lockdown. Luckily, the strict lockdown orders didn’t stay long. Gohou was glad to get back to work nothing the negative global effect that the restrictions had on businesses.

Gohou said, “Millions of businesses were almost destroyed by the regulations. People needed to get back to work, including myself.”

Before Zaina took any business trips, she tested herself and took the proper precautions. In June, she flew to Spain for a photoshoot, where everyone followed the recommendations.

As countries open up and travel come to line, Zaina’s workload is increasing. Gohou is continuing to incorporate all the necessary actions she needs to take to maintain her job during this time like quarantining in between every job and getting tested multiple times.

Amidst the Pandemic, Gohou has been to Madrid, Corsica and Croatia.

Gohou felt driven to help her loved ones in any way possible. Gohou believes it is always important to learn how to optimise one’s wellbeing in any situation.

At the end of the day, Gohou believes that if everyone attempts to use this time to connect to their values, the world will come back more unified.