Zareen Khan Reacts To SLAPPING The Man Who Touched Her Inappropriately During A Store Launch!

Swikriti Srivastava

Recently, Zareen Khan had a horrific experience in Aurangabad, where she was mobbed by the crowd. Zareen was in Aurangabad for a store launch and things turned worse when the crowd lost their control and mobbed the actress. Amid this, a man tried to touch the actress inappropriately and Zareen turned back and slapped him and rushed to her car. It was indeed an unfortunate incident for any woman. While speaking about this incident, Zareen Khan spoke to Pinkvilla and shared her point of view.

Zareen Khan On Aurangabad Incident

Zareen Khan said, "The thing is being a celebrity comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. When you go to small cities, a huge number of people turn up just to get a glimpse of their favourite celeb.

But, then, as you say there are rotten apples everywhere or there is always a bad fish in the pond. You know it's just one or two people from that crowd, they kind of lose it or what, I don't know if it's any mental disorder."

Zareen Khan On People’s Sick Mentality Who Try To Touch Women Inappropriately

"They want to touch you or grab you in an inappropriate manner. They kind of take away all the love that others are showering on you.

It's just that instead of leaving that city with all that love and warmth that has been showered on you, this one thing scars you and it overshadows all the good that happened in that city. I understand we are what we are because of the fans," added Zareen.

We Do Agree With Zareen Khan Here!

"It's not about being a celebrity, these things happen to women in general. I don't know what's this sick mentality of men, who want to grab women in an inappropriate manner.

We have been talking about women empowerment and safety of women but they are still men who want to these things. It's high time that women should give it back to such men, that very moment."

‘I Felt Someone Is Trying To Touch Me, I Gave It Back’

"That's what happened with me in Aurangabad as you must have seen in the video. Despite cops and bodyguards being there, crowd sometimes gets uncontrollable as it's huge and you can't see anyone's face.

I felt someone is trying to touch me inappropriately but before could do anything beyond that, I gave it back. I am not someone who is up for sh*t."

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