New Zealand cricketer lets down Pakistani actress’s request to be her baby daddy

While there are many interactions on social media that make quite the buzz, but recently Pakistani actress Sehar Shinwari took to her twitter to ask a New Zealand cricketer James Neesham if he would like to become the father of her future children.

However the bold move was also met by an equally epic response. James, also known as Jimmy, earlier went on to post a regular tweet on his official account, “I feel like I have a much-lessened fear of eternal damnation in hell thanks to travelling through LA Airport a few times”.

Sehar then replied to the tweet with a couple of wink emojis take a look:

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The cricketer was also quick to respond, while he didn’t say it out right but the witty comment was nonetheless enough. He tweeted, “I really feel like the emojis were unnecessary”.