ZelaaPayAE applying for the first crypto license in all of UAE

Brand Voice
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United Arab Emirates has always been at the forefront of transformations and as the news has started flowing in the markets that the Central Bank of UAE is in the process of implying regulations for the mystical cryptocurrency and blockchain realm under the term “virtual-assets”, Dubai is gearing up to become haven for blockchain companies around the world but with serious strict guidelines in order to acquire a crypto payments license to facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain powered payments.

ZelaaPayAE is one such leading venture in Dubai which claims to be building an entire payments ecosystem facilitating crypto-transactions, in simple terms – enabling the opportunity for consumers to spend their crypto at mainstream locations around Dubai.

The company also boasts a very strong partner base with top companies in crypto and they also have serious strategic partners including royalty and people in high places inside the government, given these factors the rumour of ZelaaPayAE applying for this new crypto license are to be taken on some serious note, as not much details are out in public yet but from what we know according to the sources is that ZelaaPayAE will be one of the first companies in the Middle East to operate freely as a crypto-payments entity under a 100% regulated framework.

In order to reach audiences worldwide ZelaaPayAE also has an ongoing collaboration with the largest influencer of UAE, MoVlogs – with over 10,000,000 people on his YouTube channel, he is a widely known and influential figure in the Emirates.

It is with time that we are to witness these rumours converting into reality but from an insider source, things indeed look positive for ZelaaPay!

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