Zendaya speaks up about being perceived as ‘cold & mean’ in Hollywood; Admits she was just bad at small talk

Kiona Rosh
·1-min read

Recently we found Spiderman lead actress Zendaya giving an interview with GQ. In this interview, she opened up about being reserved and shy as a kid and how that has changed and affected her over the years. The Greatest Showman actress confessed to the magazine that in this industry, she had to learn how to do small talk which she did not know, admitting that without it, she would come off as cold and mean. She also added that she didn’t know how to start chats with people. 
The actress then recalls an incident when her stylist told her that the actress “comes off kind of cold. People think you’re mean because you don’t talk,” to which Zendaya said she was just nervous and shy. 
She then recalled a game that would help her calm down and collect her confidence. She recently played a card-game called We’re Not Strangers. And one of the questions that stayed with the actress was “Which random compliment that strangers give you that makes you feel good?” To this Zendaya said that when people tell her that their kids are inspired by her, and are proud of her. The actress admitted that that is what makes her feel special. 

On the professional side, Zendaya’s film Marie & Malcolm recently released its the first trailer and it received positive response by her fans. The movie marked the headlines for being shot completely during the COVID-19 pandemic.