Zodiac Signs The January 2019 Solar Eclipse Will Affect The Most


A solar eclipse is set to take place during the first week of January, and its effects will be seen on all the zodiac signs. Not just this, but there are more such events throughout the year with two solar and two lunar eclipses yet to come.

The first such celestial event, this partial solar eclipse, will take place in Capricorn and will be seen from places including China, Korea, Japan, North Pacific Ocean and the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The event will happen between 4.08 am to 9.18 am on 6 January 2019. Here is the list of the zodiac signs most affected by the 6 January solar eclipse. Take a look.


Your leadership qualities always succeed in getting you many responsibilities, and the fact that you love it is an add-on. With this solar eclipse setting up things in your favour, you will be given some more of such responsibilities at work. But wait, you do not have to grab each of these. Just agree for those which align with your higher goals. A lot of things in hand might not let you concentrate on the right ones.

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Well, the eclipse has brought the waves of power struggle everywhere. Hence, those of you who are in any kind of partnerships might have to face problems and go through difficult times in terms of coordination with the partner. However, if tried, you will be able to identify the problems and settle them soon. Try being little humble and understanding as you deal with people.


Here comes a time when you would like to rethink on your values and recentre them in a different way. It might feel like a kind of existential dilemma where you feel confused about which trait of your personality should take the lead. Try not to get caught in people's opinion about you; let your intuition set things right.

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Capricorn, as the eclipse is happening in your sign, you will feel the flow of high energy within. You will be the centre of attention for many and the good part is that you will end up making a good impression because of your wise moves and the right amount of confidence supporting it. We would suggest you choose your words wisely as you speak.

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